Interactive tabletop with LEGO
Category: Work

For demonstration purposes, a cheap and light multitouch table capable of recognizing markers was built using simple LEGO. The materials used are described bellow:


– Dimmable Infra Red LED Light Bar (11.8 inches = 300 mm) (Infra Red 850 nm) (2x)
– Infrared Flat Camera for Multitouch Screens (850 nm bandpass filter)
– Vari-Focal IR Lens, 2.6-6 mm, m12 (Board) Mount
– MP160 Projector from 3M (plus included tripod)
– Thick diffusor
– Plexiglass (optional if the diffusor is thick enough to support interaction)
– Fabric and velcro (optional, use what’s available)


– Create a LEGO structure with 47x37x94cm
– Cover it with the desired material (e.g. attach fabric using velcro)
– Hang the LED light bars on the sides of the structure, so that they stay perpendicular to the floor

Multitouch table

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