Interactive tabletop system (ITS)
Category: Work

To support future application development, an interactive tabletop system (ITS) was constructed using the Diffused Surface Illumination (DSI) method. This method allows for a simple and reliable way to track both fiducial markers and fingertips on a tabletop. For an example application please refer to Eco Planner. Following is the system’s specifications:


– The interactive surface was 78 by 57 centimeters in size and composed of a diffusing layer (5mm thick Evonik ACRYLITE 7D006) placed on top of a sensing layer (10mm thick Evonik Endlighten);

– The sensing layer was wrapped with a string of 850nm IR diodes and a near throw projector and IR camera positioned underneath the plastics such that both could address the full area of the interactive surface;

– Infrared Flat Camera for Multitouch Screens (850 nm bandpass filter) with a vari-focal IR Lens, 2.6-6 mm, m12 (Board) Mount;

– Hitachi CP-AW100N projector.



Participants interacting with the ITS

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